Unique Projects – Coach house tales

Tales from the Coach house.

Nine films – 2014 – The County Museum – Shugborough Hall, Staffordshire.

Written by Mal Dewhirst – filmed in collaboration with Fired Up Theatre, the County Museum and South Staffordshire College.

Nine short films, one for each carriages in the collection of the county museum. Each film reflects journeys associated with the carriage that is the subject of the film.

The stories are voiced through monologues reflecting the thoughts of the people, animals and objects associated with the carriages, such as the coachman, the footman, the mechanic, the Lord and Lady, the stable hand, the horse and even the wheels.

The journeys will be inspired by both real and imagined events associated with the carriage, but will seek to provide a real insight into the experience of travelling and working with these carriages.

The Journeys span time from 1800 to 1953 and will be selected and written to bring the carriages into a new light as working machines, which enabled the wealthy occupants to expand their knowledge and reach across the nation and beyond into Europe.

Some of the films can be viewed at the Staffordshire Carriage Collection website.