Unique Projects – Crossroads.

At the Crossroads 

Bible, Burlesque and the Blues.

Play – 2014 – Lichfield Garrick, Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Written by Mal Dewhirst in collaboration with Fired Up Theatre and The Lichfield Mysteries.

‘Steeped in myth ‘The Crossroads’ is where temptation is in every step and sin is the air you breathe. From Faust, to Robert Johnson, to the Messiah himself all have walked the Crossroads, all will be tempted and no one leaves unscathed. The price for freedom is your soul, a bargain that can only be struck with the devil, but the cost is high and everyone pays a price.’

A blackly comic, tragedy that will shock, contempt and excite in equal measure. The story brings together Christian mythology & modern day sin all to the beating of a heart stomping Rhythm and Blues sound track. A score from Add to the stage a visual feast of Burlesque and the Crossroads becomes, a Vibrant, brave and unique production that manages to sustain a thumping moral core amidst it all.